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Suchit Prajapati

Hey everyone Laws Of Nature welcomes you in the Universal Cloud of infinite knowledge… Laws Of Nature is one of the best educational and scientific news website, where you can access all types of academic and non academic knowledge stuff with their great explanation.

Akashic Record
Whole universe lies in your brain.
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I think that knowledge is everywhere, if someone want to gain knowledge then they don’t have to go any educational institutions. Just they have to do connect their brain to the Universal Cloud of infinite knowledge i.e called Akashic Record. (Akashic Record is the unknown place in this universe, where all the information, knowledge and data of this whole universe are stored. Learn more about Akashic Record). Your strong connection to the Akashic Record depends upon the sharpness of your curiosity and the intensity of the electromagnetic waves which emmits from your brain at the time of deep peace.

How Laws Of Nature Can Help You?

Laws Of Nature is for everyone, Anyone can access all the contents of this site free of cost. It tries to provide all the scientific and non scientific knowledgeable stuffs which comes under the Nature.

Mainly, Laws Of Nature tries to enhance the Raw Intelligency of his users by its contents. Laws Of Nature can also be helpful in –

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Increasing Imagination Power

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Your power of imagination gives birth to new knowledge. The purpose of contents on this site is to make you curious to learn something new.

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Increasing Understanding Power

Your understanding power depends upon how you express or explain your knowledge to others. If your explanation is easily understood by others then you be sure that you have good understanding on that knowledge.

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Increasing Thinking Power

Your thinking power is directly depends upon your power of questioning. If you ask more relevant questions then definitely you have good thinking power. So never stop questioning.

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Laws Of Nature is for everyone. Any person can join Laws Of Nature and be the part of it. Interested person can join Laws Of Nature as a author. But there are some basic requirements which should be fulfilled by the person who is applying for becoming a author at Laws Of Nature.

The basic requirements/qualifications for becoming a author at Laws Of Nature is as follows: 

1).  The person should be 12th pass out or have any other corresponding qualifications.

2). The person should have good thinking and imagination power.

3). The person should have deep and creative knowledge in their respective writing field.

Any person who fullfill these requirements can apply for the same through filling the form below. Further procedure would be notified after submitting application.

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