Reflection of light class 12: Definition and types of reflection

Reflection of light:

Reflection of light
fig1. source:

 Reflection of light: The bouncing back of a ray of light after colliding with a surface to the same medium is called Reflection. Light always travels in a straight line, when it falls on a surface it bounces back like a ball do.

When falling on a plane surface, Due to hight speed of massless photon particles this bouncing back is so perfect that the angle of incidence is always equal to angle of reflection.

Types of reflection:

There are mainly two types of reflection :

  1. Regular or specular reflection
  2. Irregular or diffuse reflection
types of reflection
fig. types of reflection (source:

Regular or specular reflection:

when the beam of parallel light rays falls on a smooth or regular surface the beam also reflect parallel to each other. This is called Regular or specular reflection.

Regular reflection
fig3. Regular reflection (source:

Irregular or diffuse reflection:

When a beam of parallel light rays falls on an irregular diffused surface, the reflected beam of light rays does not remain parallel to each other (see the below figure). This is called irregular reflection.

Irregular reflection
Fig4. Irregular reflection (source :


Reflection is the phenomena of bouncing back of light after colliding with a surface. It can be regular or irregular reflection. A regular reflection also follows the laws of reflection.

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