Particle nature of light class 12 | properties of photons

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Particle nature of light:

Particle nature of light
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particle nature of light, Considers the light to be made up of very small particles called photons. It was Issac Newton who conceived this idea in his corpuscular model of light.

It was further supported by the photoelectric effect of light.

Particles of light: Photons

particles of light: photon
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Light is supposed to be composed of a discrete bundle of electromagnetic energy. These bundles of energy are called photons.

They are always in motion and carry no mass and charge.

In a vacuum they travel with the enormous speed of ( speed of light ) c= 2.998 x 108 m/s. their speed is a universal constant for a particular medium.

Properties of photons:

  • They behave like a particle and wave, simultaneosly.
  • They are massless particles, and rest energy.
  • Move at a constant speed of light c= 2.998 x 10^8 m/s.
  • They carry energy and also posses momentum.
  • They can be destroyed or created when they are absorbed or emitted.
  • They show particle like interaction like collison.
  • Energy of photons can transfer when they interact with other particles.
  • Electrically they are neutral , that is they do not carry charge.


The particle nature of light is widely supported due to phenomena like reflection, photoelectric effect and etc. particles of light are called photons and travel of speed of 3 lakh kilometers per second. they are massless particles and carry no charge.

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