Theory of everything review, need, efforts and progress.


A brief Introduction

Well in Physics one of the utmost effort since 20th century is search for a theory of everything. Stay tuned we will make clear every aspect.

to understand this all first we need to understand what a theory is actually ,

so a theory is basically a system of ideas or a set of principles used for explaining a particular phenomenon or system or any process. It’s just a framework or model made by us to understand the things and apply them for our need.

Theory of everything

A theory of everything is a  theory that is supposed to explain every phenomenon in universe, till now presently there is no such theory.

The Need for theory of everything

Now, let’s come to theory of everything (TOE) . Since in 20th century we got theory of Relativity(special and general) and theory of quantum mechanics, a lot of physicist felt a need for a single theory that can explain all things in universe. But when physicists tried to combine Relativity with quantum mechanics a lot of weird results came.

We are trying to have a single theory since 20th century because if we got such theory this will mean were will able to explain the all phenomenon of the universe in single theory that will lead our understanding of universe to a new level, we will be able to know about black hole etc and all the stuffs that present in our universe and as a by product of our understanding there will be a lot of technological advancements. And the list of benefits will be endless, Therefore the search for theory of everything is much larger.

Efforts for theory of everything

Till now a lot of scientists put their efforts for the search for theory of everything,

●Albert Einstein made a lot of theories including that of Brownian motion, photoelectric effect, special and general Relativity and more, as per American physical society he spent his last 30 years for the search of a unified theory of everything. But he wasn’t successful.

Standard model of elementary particles

●In the mid 20th century physicist developed the standard model which is almost became theory-of-everything , it explain there of known fundamental forces but it failed to explain gravitational force.

●Another model which included/explained gravity is loop quantum gravity.

String theory is another one of the theories that are best candidates for theory of everything, but the results from string theory suggests that there should be 11 or more dimensions in universe, Therefore it is not accepted till now.

May be Theory of everything does not exists at all

Another question you can think is that maybe there is no theory of everything.

Because we aren’t sure that

There could be no theory of everything at all. Or may be one day we will be presenting theory of everything.


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