Science Class 10 Sample Paper -1 Term 1 CBSE MCQ(s) 2021-22

Here is the very useful resource science class 10 sample paper for every student before the commencement of exams that is Sample Practice Quiz and of the latest Pattern of CBSE 2021-22 Term 1. Specially designed covering every bit details of every topic.

Science Class 10 Sample Paper -1 Term 1 CBSE MCQ(s) 2021-22

Science Class 10 Sample Paper -1 Term 1 CBSE MCQ(s) 2021-22

Science Class 10 Sample Paper Term 1 CBSE MCQ(s) 2021-22

Here is the very useful resource for every student before the commencement of exams that is Sample Practice Quiz and of the latest Pattern

tail spin Science class 10 sample paper

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1) Reema took 5 mL of Lead Nitrate solution in a beaker and added approximately 4 mL of Potassium Iodide solution to it. What
would she observe?

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2) Identify gas A in the following experiment.

Identify gas 1 science

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3) Which of the following correctly represents a balanced chemical equation?

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4) The graph given below depicts a neutralization reaction (acid + alkali ¾® salt + water). The pH of a solution changes as we
add excess of acid to an alkali.

Which letter denotes the area of the graph where both acid and salt are present?

Science Class 10 sample paper

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5) The chemical reaction between copper and oxygen can be categorized as:

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6) Which of the given options correctly represents the Parent acid and base of Calcium Carbonate?


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7) How will you protect yourself from the heat generated while diluting a concentrated acid?

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8) Why is it important to balance a skeletal chemical equation?

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9) Carefully study the diagram of the human respiratory system with labels A, B, C and D. Select the option which gives correct
identification and main function and /or characteristic.Untitled 2 Science class 10 sample paper

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10) Identify the option that indicates the correct enzyme that is secreted in location (i), (ii) and (iii)

Untitled 3 Science class 10 sample paper

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11) Opening and closing of stomatal pore depends on

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12) The figure given below shows a schematic plan of blood circulation in humans with labels (i) to (iv). Identify the correct label
with its functions?

Untitled 4 Science class 10 sample paper

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13) Identify the phase of circulation which is represented in the diagram of heart given below.
Arrows indicate contraction of the chambers shown.

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14) Which of the following mirror is used by a dentist to examine a small cavity in a patient’s teeth?

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15) Which diagram shows image formation of an object on a screen by a converging lens?

Untitled 5 Science class 10 sample paper

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16) Which of the following can make a parallel beam of light when light from a point source is incident on it?

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17) Consider these indices of refraction: glass: 1.52; air: 1.0003; water: 1.333. Based on the refractive indices of three materials,
arrange the speed of light through them in decreasing order.

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18) f a beam of red light and a beam of violet light are incident at the same angle on the inclined surface of a prism from air medium
and produce angles of refraction r and v respectively, which of the following is correct?

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19) Examine the figure and state which of the following option is correct? [one small box in the figure is equal to 1 cm ]

Untitled 6 Science class 10 sample paper

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20) The angle of incidence from air to glass at the point O on the hemispherical glass slab is

Untitled 7 Science class 10 sample paper

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21) In which of the following groups of organisms, blood flows through the heart only once during one cycle of passage through
the body?

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22) What is common between extensive network of blood vessels around walls of alveoli and in glomerulus of nephron?

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23) Plants use completely different process for excretion as compared to animals. Which one of the following processes is NOT
followed by plants for excretion?

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24) If the power of a lens is - 4.0 D, then it means that the lens is a

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25) Rays from Sun converge at a point 15 cm in front of a concave mirror. Where should an object be placed so that size of its
image is equal to the size of the object?

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26) In which of the following groups of organisms, food material is broken down outside the body and then absorbed in?

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27) In a person the tubule part of the nephron is not functioning at all. What will its effect be on urine formation?

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28) If the real image of a candle flame formed by a lens is three times the size of the flame and the distance between lens and image
is 80 cm, at what distance should the candle be placed from the lens?

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29) Case -I : The Salt Story
From: The New Indian Express 9 March 2021
The salt pans in Marakkanam, a port town about 120 km from Chennai are the third largest producer of salt in Tamil Nadu. Separation
of salt from water is a laborious process and the salt obtained is used as raw materials for manufacture of various sodium
One such compound is Sodium hydrogen carbonate, used in baking, as an antacid and in soda acid fire extinguishers.
The table shows the mass of various compounds obtained when 1litre of sea water is evaporated.

Which compound in the table reacts with acids to release carbon dioxide?

Untitled 8 Science class 10 sample paper

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30) Based on previous Question's Data

How many grams of Magnesium Sulphate are present in 135g of solid left by evaporation of sea water?

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31) What is the saturated solution of Sodium Chloride called?

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32) What is the pH of the acid which is used in the formation of common salt?

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33) Case -II
The Figure shown represents an activity to prove the requirements for photosynthesis. During this activity, two healthy
potted plants were kept in the dark for 72 hours. After 72 hours, KOH is kept in the watch glass in setup X and not in setup Y. Both
these setups are air tight and have been kept in light for 6 hours. Then, Iodine Test is performed with one leaf from each of the two
plants X and Y.

This experimental set up is used to prove essentiality of which of the following requirements of photosynthesis?

Untitled 9 Science class 10 sample paper

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34) The function of KOH is to absorb

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35) Which of the following statements shows the correct results of Iodine Test performed on the leaf from plant X and Y

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36) Which of the following steps can be followed for making the apparatus air tight?

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37) Case -III
Noor, a young student, was trying to demonstrate some properties of light in her Science project work. She kept ‘X’ inside the box
(as shown in the figure) and with the help of a laser pointer made light rays pass through the holes on one side of the box. She had
a small butter-paper screen to see the spots of light being cast as they emerged.

What could be the ‘X’ that she placed inside the box to make the rays behave as shown?

Untitled 10 Science class 10 sample paper

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38) She measured the angles of incidence for both the rays on the left side of the box to be 48.6°. She knew the refractive index of
the material ‘X’ inside the box was 1.5. What will be the approximate value of angle of refraction?

(use the value: sin 48.6° » 0.75)

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39) Her friend noted the following observations from this demonstration:
(i) Glass is optically rarer than air.
(ii) Air and glass allow light to pass through them with the same velocity.
(iii) Air is optically rarer than glass.
(iv) Speed of light through a denser medium is faster than that of a rarer medium.
(v) The ratio: sin of angle of incidence in the first medium to the ratio of sin of angle of refraction in the second medium, gives
the refractive index of the second material with respect to the first one.
Which one of the combination of the above statements given below is correct

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40) If the object inside the box was made of a material with a refractive index less than 1.5 then the

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The average score is 11%


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