Laws Of Nature Learning Internship

In order to improve the digital literacy of students and make them skillful, we have brought a learning internship plan. Fill the form below to enroll now.

About the internship 

It is a seven-day learning-based internship in which you will learn several fundamentals of content creation, keywords research, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and many more. 
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Benefits of enrolling in this internship 

There is no big benefit other than learning, however, there are several benefits of enrolling in this internship, some of the major benefits are given below: 
1). Development of creative thinking and writing skills. 
2). How to write quality content?
3). You will learn how to rank in Google search for larger reachability. 
4). You will learn how Google’s search engine works.
5). You will learn how to perform SEO (search engine optimization).

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What will happen after this internship? 

Actually, after this internship, you will be hired at “Laws Of Nature” if you want to work with us. You have to write quality educational content for the students on the subject you want to write. 

Learning and earning simultaneously 

At “Laws Of Nature” you will be paid for your content. You will be paid ₹100 INR per article. But this per article amount will be to ₹100 INR or more as per your workload and quality of your content. 

Terms & conditions for your payout 

As you’re hired for educational content writing so in order to release your payment you have to publish at least 10 articles per month but in case you’re unable to publish your threshold articles your payment will behold for next month.
But note that your all articles will be approved by us and you can write as many articles in a month there is no limit. If you are interested then you can fill the following form.