IT Sample Paper Class 12 CBSE 2021-22 Term 1, mock 3

This Sample Paper is based on the latest pattern of CBSE sample paper class 12. Solve this quiz to test your knowledge. Best of luck champs!​
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IT sample paper class 12

IT Class 12 CBSE Sample Paper 3

Information technology class 12 latest pattern CBSE Sample paper, designed in a way Covering all the required aspects as per CBSE Guidelines for Session 2021-22

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The .............. gives the message to the sender in the form of feedback to

complete the communication cycle.

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...............communication takes place between two individuals as one on one

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Asking about honest feedback and reflecting on daily interactions are skills
associated with ...

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. ... stress can lead to heart attack, stroke, memory loss, weight gain,
personality changes and fatigue.

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..............utility helps the users to arrange used and free space on the hard

disk  which increase sthe processing speed of the disk.

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A ............ is a network security system that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic

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Which filter makes the picture appear like a painting by reducing the number of colors used ?

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Which symbol should be used to enter the formula ?

IT sample paper quiz

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.......... is used for setting the watermark or wrapping the image in background ?

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Hyperlink dialog box in the calc does not show the .......... option on the left hand side

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Which statement is used to add one or more records to a database ?

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Which filter joins groups of pixels into a single area of one color ?

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You cannot optimize result to ....... using solver

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Transparency effect is used to create watermark

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Scenarios are tools to test .......... questions?

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A ... statement retrieves zero or more rows from one or more
database tables.

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We can't apply border and shadow to picture-True or False?

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Default name of first scenario created in Sheet  l of Calc is ...

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When Keep image size is selected , cropping produces:

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... .......... statement is used for modifying records in a data.

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The corner handles resize both the ..................... of the image.

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We can give different colors to different scenario-True or False?

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Create Table command comes under which category?

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To retain original proportion of the image, ...................... +click one of the corner

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  1. What do you mean by the following reference: =Sheet3.C6?

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A popular data manipulation language is ...

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Arham wants to calculate how much she would save by the month end after his
weekly savings. Which feature will help here in guessing this?

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Rajeev receives sales report every week from his head office in a standard format.
He needs to perform certain calculations every week. Which feature of
spreadsheet is best suited to calculate this?

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Seema is creating a collage in a document for her project. She has created the
document but facing the issue of setting the order of images. What should she do
to keep up the correct order?

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While importing a style from another document, Rohan wants to follow the

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While creating a Table of a database using Table Wizard, what would be the
headings for the Field information showing as (i) to (iv)?

Information technology smaple paper

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What Should Come at (a) when a user is trying to save the name of database ?

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