Importance of chemistry in our everyday life, class 11

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This article is for all chemistry haters, who think that chemistry is boring and illogical. If you’re a science student then you must have studied chemistry or maybe studying. If you opted for science in your school then chemistry is a compulsory subject for the same. You have to study it. But why? Why you should study chemistry?

Well, In this article, we are going to discuss the importance of chemistry in our everyday life. While reading this article, you will realize that without the knowledge of chemistry, we can’t imagine a good and healthy society. Here’s a look what is the importance of chemistry and why you should study it. So let’s get started…

What is chemistry?

Science can be seen as the continuous human efforts to systematize knowledge for describing and understanding nature. For the sake of convenience, science is subdivided into various disciplines that is physics, chemistry, biology, geology, etc.

Chemistry is the branch of science that studies the composition, properties and interaction of matters.

Chemistry mainly deals with the composition, structure, and properties of matters. These aspects can be best described and understood in terms of basic constituents of matters i.e atoms and molecules, that is why chemistry is called the science of atoms and molecules.

Chemists are interested in knowing how chemical transformations occur. Chemistry plays a central role in science and it is intertwined with the other branches of science like physics, biology, geology, etc. Chemistry also plays an important role in our day-to-day life.

Importance of chemistry in our everyday life

Chemistry is falsely reputed that it is complicated and boring science. If you think chemistry is boring, illogical, and complicated science then my friend you didn’t meet the basic criteria for studying chemistry. You should raise your standard instead of throwing it away.

Importance of chemistry in our everyday life, class 11

Did you ever burn firecrackers? How do you feel while lighting it or when it explodes? If you think these are all exciting, then how can you think chemistry is boring, it’s definitely not a boring science, because firecrackers and explosions are based on chemistry principles. You will feel more exciting and fascinating if you show interest in knowing, how crackers work? In nutshell, the importance of chemistry is that it explains the world around you.

Chemical principles are important in diverse areas, such as weather patterns, the functioning of living organisms, and the operations of computers.

Chemical industries manufacturing fertilizers, alkalis, acids, salts, dyes, polymers, drugs, soaps, detergents, metals, alloys, and many other inorganics and organic chemicals, including new materials, contribute in a big way to the national economy.

Chemistry plays an important role in meeting the human needs for food, health care products, and many other materials aimed at improving the quality of life. This is exemplified by the large-scale production of a variety of fertilizers, improved varieties of pesticides and insecticides.

This is the chemistry that explains how food changes as you cook it, how it rots, how to preserve food, how your body uses the food you eat, how eating good and balanced food makes you healthy, and how ingredients interact to make food.

The major role of chemistry is seen in the field of medicine. If anyone falls ill then what he does? Obviously, he takes medicine prescribed by his doctor. Think what if there is no medicine! It is deadly to imagine. Here’s time to thanks chemistry because this is only Chemistry that tells the manufacturing science of medicine.

Medicinal chemistry in brief – Pharmacy English Site
Fig. 2, chemistry in medicines, source:

Due to development and advancement in chemistry, it enables us to tackle and cure various deadliest diseases. Many life-saving drugs such as cisplatin and taxol are effective in cancer therapy and AZT (Azidothymidine) used for helping AIDS victims. Injections like covishield, covaxin, Pfizer-BioNTech, and Sputnik-V helps to tackle the deadliest novel coronavirus this year. This all become possible due to the knowledge and research in chemistry.

With a better understanding of chemical principles, it has now become to design and synthesize new materials having specific magnetic, electric, and optical properties. This has to lead to the production of superconducting ceramics, conducting polymers, optical fibers, and large-scale miniaturization of solid states devices.

In today’s world, climate change and environmental pollutions are the major challenges for human beings. Pollution is the harmful chemical-based pollutants that contaminate natural places. It is true that we can’t erase pollution completely but we can minimize the cause of pollution as much as possible we can.

So in this regard chemistry again plays an important role in minimizing the emission of pollutants from the sources. Environmental chemistry is the scientific study of the chemical and biochemical phenomena that occur in natural places, and it seeks various ways to reduce potential pollution at its source.

A safer alternative to CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) hazardous environmental refrigerants, responsible for the ozone depletion in the stratosphere, have been successfully synthesized. However, many big environmental problems continue to be matters of grave concern to chemists. One such problem is the eco-friendly management of greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide, etc. Our chemists continuously keep working and finding various ways to minimizing the emission of hazardous chemical pollutants in order to keep the environment clean and healthy.

Introduction to Environmental Chemistry | azimah58
Fig. 2, the importance of chemistry in our everyday life, source:

All people are chemists. We use chemicals every day and we perform chemical reactions without thinking about it. Chemistry is important because everything you do is chemistry! Even your body is made up of chemicals. Chemical reactions occur when you breathe, eat, or just sit and read. All matter is made up of chemicals, so the meaning of chemistry is that it is the study of everything. Again we are all need to thanks chemistry.

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