Fast track arithmetic formulae on DISCOUNT | shortcut tricks for all competitive examination.


1). Discount = marked price – selling price
2). Selling price = marked price – discount
3). Marked price = selling price + discount
4). Discount = marked price × discount rate/100
5). Selling price = MP(100-r)/100
6). Discount percent = r ×100/MP
7). If successive discount on marked price is n1% , n2% and n3% , then equivalent discount rate
 = 100[1-(100-n1)/100][(100-n2)/100][(100-n3)/100]%
8). If anyone wants to earn R% profit after giving r% discount , then for this the marked price is
    = CP(100+R/100-r) , CP = MP(100-r/100+R)
9). Single discount equivalent to two discount rates is = (r1+r2 -r1r2/100)%
10). If marked price and successive discount rates is given as MP and n1, n2 and n3, then the selling price is –
      = MP(100-n1/100)(100-n2/100)(100-n3/100)
11). If selling price and successive discount rates are SP and r1% , r2% and r3% then the marked price is = SP×100×100×100/(100-r1)(100-r2)(100-r3)
12). After giving r% discount , if anyone wants to earn R% profit then the marked price of the object should be, much more than the cost price is =
13). If anyone wants to give r1% discount , then the profit gained by him , after increasing the marked price with r% is = {[r(100-r1)/100] – r1}

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