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Hey, let me introduce myself in few words. My name is suchit Prajapati and I am from Delhi (India). I am a part-time blogger, affiliate marketer, entrepreneur and physics lover.

Passionately I am also a motivational speaker and spiritual thinker and I scientifically believed on Gods. I am a curious person and I always try to learn something new. I am very fascinated with extraterrestrial life. So I never missed to watch my favourite show Ancient Aliens on history tv channel.

Now let’s talk about why did I start blogging? 

Hmm… Before 2019, I didn’t know about that what the thing is blogging? One night when I was surfing internet, then I got a message in facebook messenger. This message had sent by my childhood friend shivaji kumar. The message which he had sent to me is a link, when I clicked on that link, it took to me a new web address, where a long article was written in a very impressive way by shivaji kumar.

Then I asked to shivaji that what is this bro? And why is your name written below that article? Then he explained me everything about the blogging and give a free suggestion to me that I start a blog website in any particular niche in which I am interested.

All the words of shivaji is directly striked on my mind and after that I have deeply researched approx 5 month about blogging and their consequences on the you tube and Google.

Then inspiring from my friend shivaji, I started my educational and scientific news blog website Laws Of Nature. And from then I became a part of the internet family, where you me and all my bloggers brothers/sisters are the family members.

Thanks for reading.