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True Discount and Banker's Discount problems tricks in Hindi | fast track formulae for problem solving.


TRUE DISCOUNT 1). वास्तविक बट्टा = मिश्रधन - वर्तमान धन
2). यदि ब्याज की दर r% वार्षिक , समय t व वर्तमान धन (pw) है, तो वास्तविक बट्टा = PW×r×t/100
3). यदि r% तथा समय t के बाद देय धन A है, तो तत्काल धन pw = 100×A/(100+r.t)
4). यदि देय धन A पर r% व समय t दिए गए है, तो वास्तविक बट्टा = A.r.t /(100+r.t)
5). यदि किसी निश्चित समय के पश्चात निश्चित वार्षिक दर पर, देय धन पर वास्तविक बट्टा (TD) व समान समय व दर के लिए साधारण ब्याज (SI) हैं, तो देय धन A =      SI × TD/(SI - TD)
6). यदि t समय पश्चात r% वार्षिक दर पर, देय धन पर वास्तविक बट्टा (TD) व साधारण ब्याज (SI) है , तो -  SI - TD = TD×r×t/100
7). t वर्ष बाद r% चक्रवृद्धि दर पर देय धन A का तत्काल धन (PW) = A/(1+r/100)^t   व वास्तविक बट्टा = A - PW
BANKER'S DISCOUNT1). महाजनी बट्टा = शेष समय (समाप्त न हुए समय) के लिए बिल पर ब्याज = बिल की राशि × दर × शेष समय /100
2). महाजनी लाभ = महाजनी बट्टा - वास्तविक बट्टा
3). यदि बिल का मान / अंकित मूल्य A है, समय t व दर r% है, तो महाजनी बट्टा = A×r×t/100

5G A NEW ERA OF CONNECTIVITY | features , coverage, scalability, latency and internet of things (IoT).

Today we are going to talk about a upcoming technology ie. 5G (fifth Generation mobile internet connectivity) many of you must hearing about the 5G, and many of you may thinking that, what is 5G? , and how is this going to effect us? And after launching this connectivity what changes we are going to see?
If this type of questions are revolving in your mind then you are at authentic place , here you can access all information about 5G.
So let's start reading...
As IT sector and telecom companies are developing their technologies , by the way mobile internet connectivity are also developing. And 5G is the result of this type of development. 5G covers a long distance of network generation. 5G or fifth Generation wireless network came after 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G networks. Each generation of mobile network has its own characteristics features of speed, latency, scalability and coverage. Take a brief look on this features,


 it is the quantity of the information that a network can transfer in given time interval. This network speed is expressed in
Kilobits, megabits and gigabits. Very high mobile internet speed access allows a large amount of data to be sent and received in a very short period of time. Then we can say that higher the speed , more powerful mobile network.


 it represents the actual geographical area, where anyone can use various internet service by their mobile phone , more coverage means strong wireless network.


 It is the ability of mobile networks to adapt to changes in the volume of demand such as to save energy in the event of low consumption and also to maintain the quality of service in the event of peak demand or connection level is known as scalability. Higher the scalability the more efficient the mobile network.
In other word scalability means adaptation of mobile network in such a way that it reduces the wastage of the data energy if data consumption is low, and maintaining a good quality of service if data consumption is high.


 it is the time taken by any server to run an action. In simple way we can say that it is the time taken by the server to load a page after clicking on it. In current 4G network latency range is 50 milliseconds to 100 milliseconds, but after coming 5G network latency decreases up to just 1 millisecond. It means after clicking, a new page loaded in 1 millisecond.

Now we are going to talk about 5G network.
So in simple 5G is the next generation mobile internet connectivity which gives access to the faster speed , greater coverage, less latency and higher scalability, than any other previous mobile internet connectivity like 4G, 3G or 2G and 1G.
5G stands for fifth Generation wireless mobile internet connectivity. In 5G not only your smartphone is connected to high speed internet, whereas various electronic gadgets at home such as televisions , smartphone, electric ovens , refrigerator, washing machine, ceiling fan, smart watches, study lamp, etc these are also connected to the high speed internet and also with each other. And due to everything connected to the internet , self driving cars can be controlled directly by the internet , it means self driving cars is looks like as a remote control car. This generation gives access to the people to stream a very high definition virtual or realty content into their headsets.

The key features of 5G technology are given below:

eMBB (enhanced mobile broadband) -
This features will improve consumer experience by facilitating very large connected devices, providing high connection speed , and giving a interactive environment with smooth virtual and argumented reality.

uRLLC ( ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication) - this decrease the latency time period, due to this features autonomous monitoring, drone related operations, controlling self driven cars, etc become possible at high efficiency and high accuracy.

mMTC (massive machine type communication) - this 5G features helps us to create wireless application in health ie.
e health. Smart Transport and logistics, envoirnmental monitoring , smart agricultural activities , smart business, etc


 In 5G , energy become more efficient, in this upcoming technology sending data become more precise , it will send data only where and when it needed.
It means in 5G wastage of data will be reduce to a greater extent. It will lead to a longer battery life of electronic gadgets. Like smartphone and Samer watches. It is expected that 5G network will use 90% less energy than 4G. If 5G wanted to achieve this goal of high scalability, less latency , energy efficient and high internet facility.
Now we talk about that, what is mean of 5G  for a you:
Here Some daily life internet access are given after launching 5G.

* You can download and upload data at very high speed via your smartphone.( For example if you want to download a high definition full-length movies. Then you can download this full length movie, just in second not in minutes, in 5G network.)

* 5G gives omnipresent connectivity, it means high speed internet connection at anytime and anywhere.

* Mobile connection become more reliable and give a high speed internet  of minimum 25Mbps.

* Quality of voice calls and video calls become high, it means during 5G , calls drop problem are rooted out completely, and pictures quality of video calls enhanced.

* Streaming of high resolution resolution video formats such as ultra high definition  4K(2160p) video become seamless.

* Advanced technology such as telemedicine, self driving cars , flying drones , and smart hyper - connected cities get expand so much.

* As 5G technology are more power efficient , so during 5G, battery life of mobile handsets, laptops, tablets and any other connected devices become longer than other preceding mobile internet connectivity generation like 4G and 3G etc.
It is expected that 5G consume 90% less energy than current 4G network.

* After coming 5G technology, watching any live games like cricket match, and football games etc. become now more interesting become viewers can replay their interesting moment at various viewing angle with high definition quality in their mobile phones, laptop, tablets and any other connected devices.

* This technology gives high coverage of internet connectivity with high quality even in rural and remote areas.

* 5G would allow any mobile service or app to connect with other wireless devices at any time.

* 5G would expand and speed up the internet of things.

* In 5G road traffic lights would be directly controlled by traffic department via internet.

* In 5G most of the government services and schools , colleges become online.

* Various electronic gadgets get connected to each other with internet and 5G helps us in expanding the internet of things (ioT).


The term " internet of things" is self explanatory ie. Things of internet , in simple terms of we want to explain ioT then we can say that everything connected to the internet. Internet of things is a wide technological innovation in which different daily basis physical objects and gadgets ranging from a simple washing machine , toaster , smartphone, mixture grinders, ovens, cars, metro trains , simple passenger trains , everything which you saw around , get connected to the internet, also able to identify themselves in other connected devices. It means every objects which are connected to the internet , would able to exchange data with each other.
5G wireless technology can be give huge push in the advancement in expansion of internet of things.

So we want to appeal to the humans that we need to establish a coordination between technologies and environment, excess of anything is harmful , this all we know, so we should develop out technology in such a way that any other creatures and environment doesn't get effected.
Any to any advance technology is nothing if it started to harm human itself. So we need to make a balance between technologies and environment.



Boat and stream short-tricks in Hindi | Fast track arithmetic formulae for competitive examination.

BOAT AND STREAM (नाव एवं धारा)
1). यदि शांत जल में नाव या तैराक की चाल x किमी/घंटा व धारा की चाल y किमी/घंटा है, तो धारा के अनुकूल नाव अथवा तैराक की चाल = (x+y) किमी/घंटा
2). धारा के प्रतिकूल नाव अथवा तैराक की चाल = (x-y) किमी /घंटा
3). नाव की चाल = (अनुप्रवाह चाल + उद्धर्वप्रवाह चाल)/2
4). धारा की चाल =  (अनुप्रवाह चाल - उद्धर्वप्रवाह चाल)/2
5). यदि धारा की चाल a किमी/घंटा है, तथा किसी नाव अथवा तैराक को उद्धर्वप्रवाह जाने में अनुप्रवाह जाने के समय का n गुना समय लगता है,(समान दूरी के लिए), तो शांत जल में नाव की चाल = a(n+1)/(n-1) किमी/घंटा
6). शांत जल में किसी नाव की चाल x किमी/घंटा व धारा की चाल y किमी/घंटा है, यदि नाव द्वारा एक स्थान से दूसरे स्थान तक आने व जाने में T समय लगता है, तो दोनो स्थानों के बीच की दूरी = T(x^2 - y^2)/2x km
7). कोई नाव अनुप्रवाह में कोई दूरी a घंटे में तय करती है, तथा वापस आने में b घंटे लेती है, यदि नाव कि चाल c किमी/घंटा है, तो शांत जल में नाव की चाल = c(a+b)/(b-a) km/h
8). यदि शांत जल में नाव की चाल a किमी/घंटा है, तथा वह b किमी/घंटा की चाल से बहती हुई नदी में गत…

Emergence of British East India Company as an Imperialist Political Power in India

Dynamically changing India during early eighteenth century had a substantially growing economy under the authority of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. But after his demise in 1707, several Mughal governors established their control over many regional kingdoms by exerting their authority. By the second half of eighteen century, British East India Company emerged as a political power in India after deposing regional powers and dominating over Mughal rulers. The present article attempts to analyze the reasons for emergence of British East India Company as an imperial political power in India and their diplomatic policies of territorial expansion. In addition to this, I briefly highlighted the Charter Acts (1773, 1793, 1813, 1833 and 1853) to trace its impact on the working process of Company.Establishment of East India Company in India

In 1600, British East India Company received royal charter or exclusive license…

Three dimensional geometry (part-1) | study material for IIT JEE | concept booster , chapter highlights.


In the following diagram X'OX , Y'OY and Z'OZ are three mutually perpendicular lines , which intersect at point O. Then the point O is called origin.
In the above diagram X'OX is called the X axes, Y'OY is called the Y axes and Z'OZ is called the Z axes.
1). XOY is called the XY plane. 2). YOZ is called the YZ plane. 3). ZOX is called the ZX plane.
If all these three are taken together then it is called the coordinate planes. These coordinates planes divides the space into 8 parts and these parts are called octants.
COORDINATES  Let's take a any point P in the space. Draw PL , PM and PN perpendicularly to the XY, YZ and ZX planes, then
1). LP is called the X - coordinate of point P. 2). MP is called the Y - coordinate of point P. 3). NP is called the Z - coordinate of the point P.
When these three coordinates are taken together, then it is called coordinates of the point P.

A detailed unit conversion table in Hindi.

CENTIMETRE GRAM SECOND SYSTEM (CGS)1). MEASUREMENT OF LENGTH (लंबाई के माप) 10 millimeter = 1 centimetres10 centimetre = 1 decimetres  10 decimetre = 1 metres 10 metre = 1 decametres 10 decametres = 1 hectometres 10 hectometres = 1 kilometres 10 kilometres = 1 miriametresMEASUREMENTS OF AREAS ( क्षेत्रफल की माप )  100 millimetre sq. = 1 centimetre sq.
 100 centimetre sq. = 1 decimetres sq. 100 decimetres sq. = 1 metre sq. 100 metre sq. = 1 decametres sq  100 decametres sq. = 1 hectometres sq. 100 hectometres sq. = 1 kilometres sq. 100 kilometres sq. = 1 miriametres sq.
MEASUREMENTS OF VOLUME ( आयतन की माप) 1000 millimetre cube. = 1 centimetre cube.
 1000 centimetre cube. = 1 decimetres cube. 1000 decimetres cube. = 1 metre cube. 1000 metre cube. = 1 decametres cube. 1000 decametres cube. = 1 hectometres cube. 1000 hectometres cube. = 1 kilometres cube. 1000 kilometres cube. = 1 miriametres cube.
MEASUREMENTS OF VOLUME OF LIQUIDS  (द्रव्य के आयतन का माप) 10 millilitre=…

THE GENERAL THEORY OF RELATIVITY | A Unique way to explain gravitational phenomenon.

Today we are going to talk about a very important and revolutionary concept that is THE GENERAL THEORY OF RELATIVITY.
This theory came into existence after 10 years of special theory of relativity (1905), and published by Albert Einstein in 1915.
This theory generalise the special theory of relativity and refines the Newton's laws of universal gravitation.
After coming this theory people's perspective about space and time has been changed completely. And this theory give a new vision to understand the spacetime geometry.
This theory gives a unified description of gravity as a geometrical properties of space and time.
This theory helps us to explain some cosmological phenomenon that is ,

* why small planets revolve around the big stars?
* Why everything in this universe is keep moving?
* Why mostly planets and stars are spherical in shape?
* Why does gravity create?
* Why does time become slow near the higher gravitating mass. Ie. Gravitational time dilation.
And gravitational…